Eaton 9390

Formerly Powerware 9390 UPS
The energy-efficient Eaton 9390 UPS provides backup power and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint for mid-size data centers, medical equipment and other critical systems. With the groundbreaking Energy Saver System, the 9390 operates at 99% UPS efficiency and can pay for itself in three to five years—without sacrificing reliability.

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• All-in-one, space efficient, completely integrated system with internal batteries (40 kVA) and distribution delivers optimal end-of-row data center solution
• Industry leading power density, providing up to 23 percent more power capacity in a compact all-in-one tower with internal batteries
• Industry’s smallest footprint at 40 kVA, providing up to a 61 percent footprint reduction
• Scalable 40 kVA modular building block, allowing for cost-effective expansion to 80 kVA with an on-board tie cabinet and 160 kVA with a four-module tie cabinet
• Up to 40 percent more STANDARD runtime, eliminating the need for external battery cabinets
• On-board pre-wired maintenance bypass and integrated distribution cabinets provide greater redundancy and reduce installation and maintenance costs
• Reduced footprint extended run modules for longer runtime applications
• Inherently 208 or 480 Vac-capable with no transformers
• Patented Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology enables paralleling of up to four 9390 UPSs for additional capacity or redundancy
• Power management software suite includes applications for remote UPS monitoring, management and shutdown to help ensure system and data
• Includes Eaton Saver System, ESS
• Factory startup (5×8) included standard on all models; one-year parts warranty, 90-day labor warranty from startup battery date; two-year warranty
• 9390IT with distribution from 40-160 kVA (standalone units only)
• Includes on-site 5×8 startup and operator training by Eaton field technician
• Includes one year of PredictPulse remote monitoring service (requires connectivity parts and self installation)

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Part Numbers

TA0211001130010, TA0212001130010, TA0311001130010, TA0312001130010, TA0411001130010, TA0412001130010, TB0411001130010, TB0412001130010, TB0511001130010, TB0512001130010, TB0611001130010, TB0612001130010, TB0811001130010, TB0812001130010, TC1011001130010, TC1012001130010, TC1211001130010, TC1212001130010, TD1011001130010, TD1012001130010, TD1211001130010, TD1212001130010, TD1611001130010, TD1612001130010

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