Critical Power Services

Providing Customized Service Contract, Preventative UPS Maintenance and Emergency Service for Critical Power Systems

Our core business is the sales and service of uninterruptible power supplies and UPS batteries, along with supporting other critical power components such as emergency generators, switch gear, and HVAC. The complexity of critical power components and each application is different for each company in their industry. Nationwide Power quality specialists can help find the optimum power solution at the right cost for your business.

Not sure what you need? Our team at Nationwide Power is here to help, and a live representative is available 24/7.

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February 13, 2020

"I am glad I signed up for the PM package. I have had overheating issues in the past. Your guy noticed it has its own little AC unit built into the door. We turned it on, and it works great. I would recommend Nationwide Power again."

- Erik B

February 10, 2020

"Brian has been servicing our UPS unit for several years. I always look forward to him coming as he is professional, but I feel like I can also treat him like an old friend. He said he would change our caps and fans, since Mitsubishi wants to shut down the unit – having Brian do it will save a LOT of problems with downtime. This is EXCELLENT customer service!"

- Brian H

February 03, 2020

"Brian always performs the task professionally and always has the best attitude."

- Chris B

January 30, 2020

"Love Ben. He is professional, friendly, and completes his work in a timely manner."

- Cheryl T

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