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Case Study #155 | Knowing Your Infrastructure

Aug 24, 2022 | Case Study

In this Nationwide Power™ (NP™) case study, we highlight the importance of knowing what your electrical infrastructure is, and what is supported by your UPS. This case study specifically looks at the Eaton Powerware 9330-15kVA UPS.

Product 9330-15kVA UPS
Application 911 Center
Synopsis An existing customer placed a service call stating their Eaton 9330 UPS went into bypass and that there was an electrical smell in the room.
Preliminary Actions Initial phone troubleshooting was not able to place the unit back online, so one of our Critical Power Professionals™ (CPPs™) was dispatched to the site.

Upon arrival, our CPP began troubleshooting and found the unit in maintenance bypass. A visual inspection showed nothing outstanding. After downloading the alarm history, multiple overload alarms were logged with some above 125%.

Further review of the load on the UPS identified laser printers, air purifiers, and shredders plugged into receptacles supported by the UPS. Once these non-essential loads were removed from the UPS, there were no more overload issues.

To avoid a possible return call, the CPP also performed a load test on the batteries while onsite, which all batteries passed.

As for the electrical smell the customer identified, it was not related to the UPS and possibly came from another piece of equipment in the room.

Root Cause

Without knowing what the electrical infrastructure/receptacles supported by the UPS are, as well as connecting non-essential equipment into UPS supported receptacles, a business is opening themselves up to possible downtime and costly repairs.

It is also best practice to track data over time during maintenance inspections to look for any trends. The PM inspection prior to this visit showed normal loads on the UPS.

Additional Reading

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