UPS Batteries

Nationwide Power Sells and Services UPS Batteries From All Major Manufacturers

UPS batteries are the most critical component to a UPS system. UPS Batteries require regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement service to help minimize downtime and maximize value.

Nationwide Power can service all your UPS battery requirements including installation, maintenance, and removal of UPS batteries.

We follow government regulations when it comes to properly installing, removing, disposing of and recycling UPS batteries.

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All UPS Battery Sales Include Installation of New UPS Batteries and Removal and Disposal of Old UPS Batteries

  • Disconnect and remove each bad/old battery
  • Inspect and clean connections as needed
  • Test each new battery prior to installing
  • Install and torque each connection per OEM specifications
  • Verify correct string voltage
  • Document readings
  • Prep bad/old batteries for disposal/recycling
  • Transport old batteries from site to regional recycler *

* Regional recyclers collect trailer loads of batteries which are then delivered to one of six North American smelters

Our Job Isn't Done Until Our Clients Are Happy

February 21, 2018

"We have had excellent service from the folks we work with at Nationwide Power (both the service techs and those that work “behind the scenes”) that they deserved a pat on the back…and when it is as easy as filling out a quick survey, I am more than willing to help send those pats on the back."

- Steve T

February 05, 2018

"The engineer, Todd is friendly and professional. He arrived on time as scheduled, did a great job on the preventive maintenance, and gave suggestions on how the device could work better. What’s more, he answered all of my questions and explained things clearly."

- Nan W

January 29, 2018

"Dirk is always professional, timely and briefs me about the appointment before he leaves. I appreciate his commitment to his customers."

- Tom S

January 26, 2018

"Luis was very prompt and courteous, very good job from him. Very pleased with the overall experience. Glad to have Nationwide Power service our equipment, especially Luis."

- Charlie L

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