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Nationwide Power Sells and Services UPS Batteries From All Major Manufacturers

UPS Batteries are the most critical component to any UPS system, and require regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement. The last thing you want in a power outage is to realize your UPS batteries haven’t been inspected or replaced in years, causing your critical power supply to fail. Remember, all it takes is one weak or bad battery to render an entire string bad.

At Nationwide Power, we have access to all major manufacturers for UPS batteries. Because we service thousands of clients across the United States, our national buying power provides economies of scale that we pass on to you, our customer. Every battery purchase with Nationwide Power comes with professional installation, maintenance, removal and proper recycling of UPS batteries.

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All UPS Battery Sales Include Installation of New UPS Batteries and Removal and Disposal of Old UPS Batteries

  • Disconnect and remove each bad/old battery
  • Inspect and clean connections as needed
  • Test each new battery prior to installing
  • Install and torque each connection per OEM specifications
  • Verify correct string voltage
  • Document readings
  • Prep bad/old batteries for disposal/recycling
  • Transport old batteries from site to regional recycler *

* Regional recyclers collect trailer loads of batteries which are then delivered to one of six North American smelters

UPS Battery F.A.Q’s from our Professionals

Which UPS battery manufacturer provides the highest quality battery at the lowest price?

Knowing how important your UPS battery is to your UPS system, we get this question regularly. At Nationwide Power, we offer competitive pricing for all UPS battery manufacturers, but we would be lying if we told you all UPS batteries are made equally. Without doubt, CSB is our go-to UPS battery manufacturer for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the battery.

Why do UPS batteries need to be inspected? They either work or they don’t.

Even during a regularly scheduled maintenance inspection a battery can test ok. However, if a small load is applied during the battery inspection, those battery jars that are breaking down and/or are weak internally will show that weakness upon the small load being applied. For this very reason, Nationwide Power’s critical power professionals all are equipped with battery load testers which are used during our battery inspections.

How often do my UPS batteries need to be replaced?

This is a very common question and the answer is not a simple one. In general, VRLA batteries have a 3-5 year useful service life. What could impact this is:

  1. Room temperature. Warmer rooms degrade battery life. The ideal temperature is 74 degrees.
  2. Power quality. If the power at your site is poor and the UPS runs on batteries often, the more frequent cycling onto batteries reduces the overall life of the batteries.
  3. Regular maintenance. Having regularly scheduled battery maintenance can prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Terminal corrosion, one weak battery, a poor connection can all reduce the overall health of a battery string and can all be prevented with regular maintenance intervals.
  4. Battery quality. There are hundreds of battery manufacturers and not all batteries are created equal. Nationwide Power has been a CSB Battery Distributor since 2003 and we lead with CSB because the quality and reliability of their batteries is the best value over the life of the batteries. Very few defects to maximize uptime and minimize call backs and the associated costs to our customers.
My batteries have a 10 year design life, so why do I have to replace them every 3-5 years?

The 10 year design life is based upon all variables being perfect (temperature, minimal load applied) and the battery pretty much sitting on a shelf getting periodically recharged.  The 3-5 year recommended replacement is more accurate in that this is the service life of the battery in actual day to day use.

Tell me more about “Maintenance Free” batteries.

The description has mislead so many people over the years.  By maintenance free VRLA, the true meaning is that the Valve-Regulated Lead Acid batteries are sealed do not require refilling with water like batteries use to require years ago.

Put our F.A.Q.s to the test; check out our UPS Battery case studies


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March 08, 2018

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- Arthur S

February 21, 2018

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February 05, 2018

"The engineer, Todd is friendly and professional. He arrived on time as scheduled, did a great job on the preventive maintenance, and gave suggestions on how the device could work better. What’s more, he answered all of my questions and explained things clearly."

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January 29, 2018

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