Similar to our UPS critical power service agreements, we extend comparable one-off site visit services to address various Emergency Lighting requirements. These services encompass emergency visits, performance evaluations, and site inspections, all designed to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal functionality.

NFPA 101, Section 7.9 outlines the requirements for where Emergency Lighting should be provided, the effectiveness of the lighting, and the maintenance guidelines for the lighting. Emergency Lighting is vital in businesses such as, but not limited to:

  • • Hospitals
  • • Office Buildings
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Hotels
  • • Shopping Malls
  • • Schools
  • • Parking Garages
  • • Libraries
  • • Museums
  • • Banks
  • • Theaters
  • • Arenas
  • • Churches
  • • Distribution Centers

Emergency Lighting inverters serve the critical purpose of supplying power to emergency lamps and fixtures during instances of power loss. Comparable to the Inverter component found in a double-conversion UPS, a Lighting Inverter performs the function of converting DC battery power to standard AC voltages. However, its primary role differs as it is specifically intended to provide backup power to lighting systems in emergency situations.

Nationwide Power Difference

  • Nationwide Power’s Field Service Team, with an average of over 22 years of experience, utilizes their electronics experience on more than UPS critical power systems and DC Plants, but also on your Life Safety Emergency Lighting Inverters.
  • We service brands such as:
    • Myers
    • Acuity
    • Dual Lite
    • DSPM
    • Crucial Power
    • Isolite
  • Capitalize on our 98% + client satisfaction rating by adding your Emergency Lighting Inverters to your maintenance schedule!

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