UPS Design and Site Survey

Nationwide Power Provides Site Survey and UPS Design for Data Centers, New Businesses and Growing Businesses

Our team will ensure all power requirements and considerations have been addressed and your UPS data center design has been mapped out prior to equipment selection. Your critical power system is a big investment, and with so many options available, our highly experienced engineer team will guide you through the process start to finish

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Hover over the components below to see how Nationwide Power can and help you manage your power and ensure it is available when you need it.

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These are the critical parts for keeping your power online. Navigate through each part and see how Nationwide Power and keep you online!
Utility Input serves as the main source of AC Input Power made available by the utility company
The Generator is the first true piece of Standby Equipment in the critical power system!
The Automatic Transfer Switch alternates between the available input sources in order to provide the necessary input voltage to the UPS
Maintenance Bypass
The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has the duty of converting unregulated input AC voltage to both regulated output AC voltage and DC voltage needed for the standby battery system.
The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has the duty of converting unregulated input AC voltage to both regulated output AC voltage and DC voltage needed for the standby battery system.
The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes the regulated AC from the UPS to the necessary critical load components
Critical Load
The goal of the entire critical power system is to maintain the availability of power for the Critical Load!

Case Study

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UPS 101 Training

Critical Power 101 is an all-encompassing Critical Power Supply crash course designed for any person who oversees or interacts with their critical power infrastructure.

  • Are you less than 100% comfortable in understanding and operating your UPS system and critical power equipment?
  • Are you prepared for the day you find yourself facing a critical power failure and need to take quick action?
  • Do you have a written method of procedure for when an outage occurs?
  • Do you know what downtime can cost an organization?
  • Do you have a difficult time getting anyone’s attention on the importance of your UPS system and the regular maintenance required and why?

To register for an upcoming course, complete the form below. A Nationwide Power representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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