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January 20, 2021

"I have worked with Nationwide Power at other locations, and I have never had someone as wonderful as Carl come out to complete our work orders or preventive maintenance inspections. Very professional, knowledgeable of our operation, and very kind. Thank you, Carl. I look forward to working with you again soon."

- Kimberly B

January 06, 2021

"Todd was very friendly, professional, and took the time to explain the bypass process."

- Rhonda S

January 05, 2021

"Marcus is one of the best techs I have seen. He makes you feel good about your UPS and makes you comfortable."

- Douglas J

January 04, 2021

"Very professional. Based on this visit, I will be putting additional UPS units under contract with Nationwide Power."

- Daniel F

December 10, 2020

"Tech calls and sets up an appointment. Tech shows on time (actually a little early, good thing). He does his magic, and he leaves. Michael is a good guy and knows his stuff."

- Richard M

December 01, 2020

"Service from Nationwide Power has always been nothing short of excellent. Brian is always a pleasure to work with and gets the job done without delay."

- Jorge R

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