REturn Salute
to Veterans

What is the next mission for our veterans? Possessing traits such as being mission-oriented, driven by quality and precision, and adhering to well-established procedures creates almost a natural transition for active duty to excel in an environment like that of Nationwide Power™ (NP™)! Here, we appreciate the service of our veterans, both as former active duty and present-day Critical Power Professionals™ (CPPs™). Whether Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, or Coast Guard – Veterans demonstrate a vital set of skills and traits that often translate very well to the critical power industry, and we are proud to have over 45% of our field service staff made up of those veterans!

Having my career roots as an active-duty Army member has instilled a desire for structure and organization in my daily post-military life. Having tested those organizational skills at Nationwide Power, such as troubleshooting, maintaining elaborate electrical systems, and administration, have allowed me to successfully navigate complex situations. NP has a deep level of veterans within the company, and I believe it’s noticeable by the level of professionalism and pride. Therefore, NP would be an ideal place for service members looking for a company that’s not all “ate-up.”

Army Veteran

I use my Air Force training for UPS and battery maintenance. My background skills from the military of generators and power plant operations also helps me with customer relations. It’s an overall skill set that benefits customers and balances expectations. The management skill I learned in the Air Force allows me to manage multiple employees located in various states. Nationwide Power or the critical power industry doesn’t necessarily exist because so many of us were in the military. However, because many of us were, it gives us the ability to pick up the phone and call “industry brothers” with an added bond and mutual respect.

Air Force Veteran

The military has given me the skills I need to be a productive Critical Power Professional at Nationwide Power. You must be a self-starting, detailed-oriented, and complete-the-mission kind of person. All these things are part of a veteran’s DNA. Our equipment provides critical power to data centers and whenever we perform maintenance or repairs, the job has to be done right. This is no different than when I was an Avionics Technician in the Marines and was responsible for keeping our aircraft combat ready and safe to fly. Camaraderie is definitely one of the best parts of the military experience. It’s hard to duplicate that once you are in the civilian world, but at NP there are a lot of veterans, so you get the same kind of feel. I would highly recommend NP for anyone transitioning out of the military.

Marine Corps Veteran

When I separated from the military, I was concerned about how I could apply my military skills to the private sector. I have worked for 5 different UPS/critical power service companies over the last 14 years. Nationwide Power is by far the best company to embrace and allow the skills and training I received in the military service to shine. The lack of micromanaging the field is a breath of fresh air. There is a strong sense of camaraderie that was never the case at other companies. I believe this is accomplished by the number of military veterans that are a part of NP, going all the way to upper management. From day one of my employment, I felt a sense of belonging and teamwork. This company understands how to utilize the chain of command and teamwork strategies that veterans typically thrive under. They have an outstanding support structure that has only been rivaled by the military itself. All our workers (office, field, and management) possess the “can-do” attitude that would make any veteran feel at home. If I were talking to an active-duty military member that was separating soon, I would make it abundantly clear that NP is the place. It took me almost a decade to find that fit.

Air Force Veteran

During my time in the U.S. Navy, I acquired many skills and character traits that enable me to thrive at Nationwide Power, such as:

  1. Detail-oriented
  2. Finishing tasks correctly the first time
  3. Motivation from within
  4. Accountability

NP seeks out detail-oriented people that require minimal supervision and place quality above all else. I feel that many military personnel possess these traits and would fit in well here. The company culture at NP is very tight knit. Teamwork, collaboration, and open communication are always encouraged. I experienced all of this during my time in the military. I would encourage any veteran that is having trouble finding employment to consider NP. They are the best civilian employer I’ve been associated with. Your skills and traits that were acquired in the military will be highly sought out here.

Navy Veteran

The skills I learned in the military have made it easier to perform my job at Nationwide Power. I have it drilled into me to pay attention to detail, follow the standard operating procedures, use my troubleshooting skills, work with my team, and always give it my all. This translates well into my role here at NP. The team I work with looks out for each other and is always willing to help. This mentality is what makes me enjoy coming to work every day.

We have numerous veterans working in different departments throughout the company. It is nice to walk through the building and catch up with another veteran, especially when you find out that you went through some of the same schools as they did in the service! I would highly recommend to another veteran to come work for NP. The skills you learned in the military will be valued at this company. There are numerous veterans here who have made the transition and are more than willing to help!”

Navy Veteran

Our Job Isn't Done Until Our Clients Are Happy

June 13, 2024

"Usman does a great job. I have always had a fantastic experience with Nationwide Power and Usman. Thank you."

- Brett D

June 11, 2024

"Tobias did a great job servicing our UPS unit. - Checked in with me - Completed the service - Followed up with me after completing service"

- Ken K

June 11, 2024

"Thank you to Craig for the prompt arrival and completion of the PM."

- Jody K

June 07, 2024

"They are knowledgeable and helpful. We are pleased with the service and support."

- Janice B

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