Eaton 93E

Formerly Eaton 9E
The Eaton 93E UPS delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost. Engineered for maximum efficiency, the 93E delivers up to 98% efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint. With internal batteries up to 60 kVA, the 93E provides an all-in-one solution that also reduces the complexity of installation and startup and provides maximum runtime.

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• Delivers up to 98% efficiency
• Up to 7% more efficient than competitive units
• Helps you qualify for local utility rebates and incentives
Internal batteries
• Deliver up to 21 minutes of runtime
• Pre-wired for easy installation
Compact footprint
• Up to 35% smaller than similarly specified competitive solutions
• Allows dedication of more floor space to revenue-producing equipment

Technical Specs





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208, 220, 480


208, 220, 480

Part Numbers

9EA02GG05001003, 9EA02GG05002003, 9EA02GG05021003, 9EA02GG05022003, 9EA02GG05031003, 9EA02GG05032003, 9EA03GG05001003, 9EA03GG05002003, 9EA03GG05021003, 9EA03GG05022003, 9EA03GG05031003, 9EA03GG05032003, 9EB04GG05001003, 9EB04GG05002003, 9EB04GG05021003, 9EB04GG05022003, 9EB04GG05031003, 9EB04GG05032003, 9EB06GG05001003, 9EB06GG05002003, 9EB06GG05021003, 9EB06GG05022003, 9EB06GG05031003, 9EB06GG05032003, 9EF02GG03001003, 9EF02GG03002003, 9EF02GG03021003, 9EF02GG03022003, 9EF02GG03031003, 9EF02GG03032003, 9EG04GG03001003, 9EG04GG03002003, 9EG04GG03021003, 9EG04GG03022003, 9EG04GG03031003, 9EG04GG03032003, 9EZAAB000000000, 9EZAAC000000000, 9EZABB000000000, 9EZABC000000000, 9EZBA1000000000, 9EZBA2000000000, 9EZBB1000000000, 9EZBB2000000000, 9EZCA0100000000, 9EZCA0200000000, 9EZCB0100000000, 9EZCB0200000000, 9EZDA0000000000, 9EZDAA000000000, 9EZDAAA00000000, 9EZDAAAA0000000, 9EZDB0000000000, 9EZDBA000000000, 9EZDBAA00000000, 9EZDBAAA0000000, 9EZEA0400000000, 9EZEB0400000000, 9EZFAA000000000, 9EZFAB000000000, 9EZFBA000000000, 9EZFBB000000000, 9EZHA1010000000, 9EZHA1020000000, 9EZHA2010000000, 9EZHA2020000000, 9EZHB1020000000, 9EZHB2010000000, 9EZHB2020000000, M1BAAX0X1XXXXXX, M1BFFX0X1XXXXXX, M1BI0X0X1XXXXXX, M1BN0X0X1XXXXXX, M9EZGA110000000, M9EZGA310000000, M9EZGB110000000, M9EZGB310000000

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