Case Study

#117 | NPower and Tape Drive Power Supply

ProductLiebert NX Series UPS
ApplicationMilitary / Datacenter
SynopsisClient found the alarms / condition of unit as: UPS in bypass, Inverter operating, unit unable to transfer online.
Preliminary ActionsThe client had a power outage, and the load was protected and switched to the generator. However, after the power was restored, the UPS would not come back online from bypass
ResolutionReplaced blown output fuse along with other output fuses, tested UPS, placed system back online.
Root CauseOne of the tape drives in the data center had a faulty / shorted power supply which was detected on the output of the UPS, enough so that it cleared an Output fuse on the UPS.

The UPS protected itself by clearing the fuse prior to allowing further damage to the Inverter. Note that periodic inspections should also be considered for the end user’s data center servers / tape drive equipment to insure proper operation within specifications.

Images Credit: Images courtesy of IBM®

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