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Annual Halloween Costume Competition | Hitachi – CSB vs. Nationwide Power

Nov 4, 2019 | Nationwide Power


As an annual tradition, the teams at Nationwide Power and Hitachi – CSB get into the Halloween spirit with a friendly little competition. 🎃 🤡 👻

Both companies submit their themed or individual contest pictures to each other where a panel of judges at each company reviews for creativeness, authenticity, originality, and detail. The winner is determined when either Hitachi – CSB or Nationwide Power concedes to the other as the Halloween Champion.

Both companies did an impressive job with themes and execution, and had much fun in the process!

Nationwide Power’s participants included:

The panel of judges has awarded Best Overall for Nationwide Power to…
The Service Team’s Gangsta Crew

For Hitachi – CSB, the contestants included:

  • The Creepy Bunch by the Warehouse Team
  • Day of the Dead by the Sales Team
  • Toy Story by the Admin Team

The panel of judges has awarded Best Overall for Hitachi – CSB to…
The Sales Team’s Day of the Dead

But alas, one company must concede to the other for the 2019 Hitachi – CSB vs Nationwide Power Halloween Costume Competition.

Just as Nationwide Power was about to concede, Nationwide Power’s VP, Jim Hallingstad walked in with a last-minute attempt to tip the scale. What better way to wrap up this year’s competition and bring greater awareness to freight damage, than with a Damaged on Delivery theme?

But it just wasn’t enough! The 2019 Halloween Costume Contest goes to…

Hitachi – CSB! Congratulations friends!

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