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Case Study #126 | Eaton 9315 160kVA Load Loss

Sep 18, 2018 | Case Study

In this case study, we feature a recent scenario where an Eaton 9315 160kVA experienced a load loss which could have been prevented. The Eaton 9315 UPS is over 20 years old. The customer formerly held a contract with Nationwide Power but switched service providers to save on annual service costs. However, this move cost them substantially more in the end, and they returned to having Nationwide Power service their critical power equipment.

Note: Many companies will assert their ability to service legacy units like the Eaton 9315 featured here. However, it is very limited as to what these companies can do to repair the unit and extend the EOL without access to parts inventory should the system experience failure.

Nationwide Power boasts a 57,000 square foot warehouse with over $10 million in equipment and parts inventory. This uniquely positions Nationwide Power as the industry leading independent UPS service provider.


Product Eaton 9315 160kVA
Application Data Center at State University
Synopsis Inadequate maintenance and service recommendations by previous service provider, along with the inability to access necessary parts caused a critical load loss.
Preliminary Actions

Upon arrival, observed previous service provider logs from the past 6 months. Status was noted as “No Issues.”

Found battery #1 in a failed state, dropping to 4 volts when load tested. All batteries were past due for replacement and were in a deteriorated state.

In the presence of the site contact, critical load was transferred to Static Bypass and then maintenance bypass. Within two minutes, the Maintenance Bypass circuit breaker tripped and dropped the critical loads.


Maintenance Bypass circuit breaker requires immediate replacement. Customer must weigh the cost of a battery replacement in a 20-year-old unit or a full unit replacement with 50% less capacity.

By returning to Nationwide Power, the customer had renewed confidence that their Eaton 9315 UPS could be adequately serviced to extend the EOL. They then opted to replace the maintenance bypass circuit breaker and install new batteries.

Root Cause

In a cost cutting effort, the customer switched to the low-price leader service provider without realizing what they were sacrificing in quality.

The maintenance bypass was not operated/exercised by the former service company during preventive maintenance 6 months prior, and a note should not have been written on the service sticker stating, “No Issues”. Identifying and resolving the key issues noted here would have prevented a critical load loss.

The customer now sees the value of quality over lowest price and is once again a Nationwide Power customer.

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Preventive Maintenance or Full Service Contract?

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