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Case Study #130 | Eaton 9390 80kVA UPS Needs Emergency Service

Jun 27, 2019 | Case Study

Nationwide Power™ is the leading provider in the critical power supply industry. Our core business is the sales and service of uninterruptible power supplies and UPS batteries, along with supporting other critical power components such as emergency generators, switch gear, and HVAC.  We publish critical power related case studies, highlighting best practices and quality standards.

In this case study, we review the details of an emergency call we received from a non-contracted customer for an Eaton 9390 80kVA UPS.

Product Eaton 9390 80kVA UPS
Application Data Center
Synopsis A non-contracted customer submitted a request for emergency service for their Eaton 9390 80kVA UPS. As a result of their UPS unit in bypass, the customer’s southeast U.S. data center was down, which was impacting its global offices. Time was of the essence. Customer initially called the OEM, which quoted a 2-business day lead time. Due to the impact of downtime on the customer’s business, they reached out to Nationwide Power for a quicker resolution.
Preliminary Actions The OEM was able to expedite the customer’s request and accommodate same day service. After the unit was operational, the customer requested a quote for annual maintenance and emergency service. The 15-year old unit had not been routinely maintained over its life.
Resolution Customer was invoiced at T&M rates to bring the UPS back to an operational condition. Due to the strong relationship between Nationwide Power and the OEM, Nationwide Power opted not to pursue the customer.
Root Cause
  1. The unit had not been properly maintained over the course of its life.
  2. A UPS service contract was not actively in place, that would have guaranteed a 4-hour or 8-hour response time.
  3. Nationwide Power was contacted as the backup option, instead of the first option. In our commitment to our OEM partners, and maintaining strong relationships with the OEM, we refrain from competing with their existing customer base.

Nationwide Power recommends that all mission critical facilities have an active UPS service contract in place with a qualified UPS service provider. This ensures that all routine maintenance is performed as necessary, and the customer has access to the contracted emergency service response times.

Additional Reading Identifying qualified UPS service providers:
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