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Case Study #135 | Emergency I/O Board Replacement – Eaton 9355 30kVA UPS

Dec 18, 2019 | Case Study


At Nationwide Power, we talk about quality often. We define quality as conformance to requirements, and the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment.

As a direct result of establishing processes and procedures, which are then closely adhered to throughout the service chain, we are able to service our customers seamlessly and deliver on the promises we make. Our entire team at Nationwide Power is committed to doing the job right the first time and eliminating any headache or unnecessary expense to our customers and their companies.

While delivering on quality is free, the price of non-conformance – or the price when quality standards aren’t met – can be quite costly.

In this case study we highlight an emergency call on an Eaton 9355 30kVA UPS unit. As a result of a well-established company infrastructure, the issue was fully resolved within 24 hours with no out-of-pocket cost to the customer.

Product Eaton 9355 30kVA UPS
Application Hospital
Synopsis Customer is under a 2X / YR full-service preventive maintenance contract. Within just a couple weeks of their next regularly scheduled PM, the customer experienced a major failure of the main I/O board, which required immediate replacement to protect their critical loads.
Preliminary Actions An emergency ticket was created. The I/O board for the 9355 30kVA UPS was confirmed in-stock at the corporate warehouse. The parts were scheduled for immediate first overnight shipping cross-country (this particular shipment was quicker via first overnight than counter-to-counter). The Field Engineer was scheduled to be on-site at the time of the part’s arrival.
Resolution Since the customer was under a full-service contract with Nationwide Power, our Field Engineer was able to prioritize their emergency service needs accordingly. The faulty I/O board was replaced and the UPS system was back in service and fully operational in just 24 hours. As with all full-service contracts with Nationwide Power, the customer incurred no out-of-pocket expenses for labor, shipping, or material.
Root Cause The UPS unit’s batteries were approaching the 5-year mark and were due for replacement. Aging batteries can pull on the DC circuit, ultimately resulting in a faulty pre-charge circuit in the I/O board.

What went right:

At Nationwide Power, we have many factors that set us apart from other independent service providers, which have given us the opportunity to lead the industry in service and quality. Among these are:

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 57,000 square foot warehouse with over $10 million in parts and equipment inventory (not all service providers have parts, beware of PM only contracts)
  • Conveniently located within 10 miles of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, allowing for same-day or next-day expedited parts shipping
  • Systems and processes in place that allow our team to respond quickly and coordinate smoothly, particularly in emergency situations.


What could have gone very wrong:

Unfortunately, there are “service providers” in our industry who offer full-service contracts on equipment that they do not have parts, training, or support to actually service. Often, these “service providers” will call Nationwide Power directly in an effort to source parts and/or subcontract the work. Nationwide Power does not operate as a parts dealer nor subcontractor, and as such, is unable to offer assistance to these “service providers.”

Additionally, Nationwide Power has invested heavily in software and infrastructure systems that allow for quick and seamless action between departments and team members. There is no scrambling. There are no fires to put out. The team simply follows a process and protocol that works.

Without all the right pieces in place, any “service provider” would have a challenging time responding to an emergency service call and providing a full resolution in a timely manner.

When shopping for a critical power service provider, shop for quality – not just price.

Nationwide Power provides 24/7/365 technical support to ensure that everything operates and transitions successfully before, during, and after any power outage.

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