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Case Study # 137 | Emergency Service on an Eaton 93PM 16kVA UPS

Feb 26, 2020 | Case Study


Nationwide Power™ is the leading provider in the critical power supply industry. Our core business is the sales and service of uninterruptible power supplies and UPS batteries, along with supporting other critical power components such as emergency generators, switch gear, and HVAC. We publish critical power related case studies, highlighting best practices and quality standards.

In this case study, we highlight an emergency service call for a 93PM 16kVA UPS that went into alarm after a power outage. The 93PM UPS was under a full-service UPS preventive maintenance contract, which means the customer’s service call was given first priority. Additionally, the customer did not incur any out-of-pocket cost for the service call.


Product Eaton 93PM 16kVA UPS
Application National Insurance Company

The customer contacted Nationwide Power after a brief power outage that resulted in an alarm on their Eaton 93PM UPS. As a full-service contracted customer, the customer received priority service, with their local Critical Power Professional™ (CPP) arriving on site within two hours.

The CPP identified the alarm as a Maintenance Bypass Breaker trip and began to troubleshoot the cause. With a thermal camera, the CPP found that the Maintenance Bypass Breaker had a hot spot in excess of 100° F. The next step was to check the electrical connections, and it was found that all three connections on the load side of the breaker were loose.

Connections were tightened and the Eaton 93PM UPS was put back online with no alarms. At that point, the customer decided to proactively replace the breaker to prevent possible future alarms.

Preliminary Actions Customer had a full-service contract which allowed for Nationwide Power to immediately dispatch a Critical Power Professional to the site. The local CPP arrived on site within two hours and the unit was placed back in service with no alarms within three hours from the initial call.
Resolution Because the customer has a full-service contract with Nationwide Power, there was no out-of-pocket cost to the customer for the emergency site visit.
Root Cause Loose wire connections at the breaker level caused the alarm after a power outage occurred.
Additional Reading Case Study #136: Emergency Service on MGE EPS 6000 UPS


Nationwide Power provides 24/7/365 technical support to ensure that everything operates and transitions successfully before, during, and after any power outage.

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