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Case Study #145 | Another Reason Why Preventive Maintenance Is So Important (Liebert NX 40kVA)

Oct 5, 2020 | Case Study

At Nationwide Power, we make it a top priority to educate our customers on their critical power equipment and keep them informed of any maintenance items on the horizon.

In this case study, a customer had regularly scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) for their Liebert NX 40kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. Recommendations were made that saved the customer both money and possible downtime.

The customer was so impressed with the service and recommendations, he provided the following comment:

“Fantastic job by Darren. This is why everyone should have a maintenance contract in place. Had I not had a contract, then I would not have known I had batteries failing and would have been up a creek if something had happened. Darren explained in detail what needed to be done, and I am thankful you have such a conscientious worker. Hats off once again for his dedication to his job and working with us to ensure we don’t have any issues with our UPS. Thanks Darren.”

Product Liebert NX 40kVA
Application Restaurant Equipment Supplier
Synopsis A Critical Power Professional™ (CPP™) conducted regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on the customer’s Liebert NX 40kVA UPS. During the PM, faulty batteries were detected and recommended for replacement.
Preliminary Actions

As part of standard PM protocols, the CPP reviewed alarms and unit performance; recorded measurements for line input/output, bypass, and battery voltages and currents; verified meter calibrations; performed infrared temperature checks; and inspected fans for proper operation.

While measuring battery system line voltages, currents, and ohmic values, the CPP identified four weak and/or failing batteries.

Resolution The CPP recommended immediate replacement. Had the failing batteries gone undetected, those batteries could have brought down the entire string and ultimately, the entire UPS system.
Root Cause Through regular routine maintenance, this issue was detected in the very early stages, and as a result, had minimal impact to the customer.
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