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Case Study #147 | What Could Possibly Go Wrong – Eaton 9330 15kVA

Feb 10, 2021 | Case Study

In this Nationwide Power™ case study, we hope to show our customers another example of how a full-service contract will save our customers time, money, and headaches in both  the short term and in the long run. In this case study, we particularly focus in on a 15-year-old Eaton 9330 UPS system.

In 2018, Nationwide Power acquired a customer who purchased new batteries and installation, along with a preventive maintenance contract. Due to budget constraints, they opted for annual maintenance only in place of a full-service contract that would have covered parts, labor, and travel.

Product Eaton 9330 15kVA UPS
Application Local County Support
Synopsis The Eaton 9330 UPS system is located in the basement of the facility and is not often monitored. Upon a random inspection, an on-site team member reported that the unit was in alarm but was not aware of how long the system had been in an alarm status.
Preliminary Actions A Critical Power Professional™ (CPP™) was dispatched to the site. After in-depth troubleshooting, it was identified that the power supply board had failed and required replacement.
Resolution One of the major competitive advantages that Nationwide Power holds is the vast inventory of parts and equipment on-hand, totaling over $10 million in value and covering 57,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Once the customer approved the parts order and repair, the Nationwide Power team was able to expedite the shipment of the parts and installation within just 2 calendar days.

Under a full-service contract with Nationwide Power, the power supply board would have been repaired/replaced the same or next day with no additional expenses. The customer would have also saved over $5,000 over the course of the calendar year.

Root Cause While the power supply board failure may have been inevitable in this situation, the out-of-pocket expense to our customer was not.

Our job as a critical power service provider is to guide our customers in the best way possible. We understand the market, the limitation on available parts inventory – particularly in obsolete UPS models, and the potential compound expense of deferred maintenance.

Our ultimate goal is to provide value to our customers by offering affordable and predictable service plans, where Nationwide Power takes the guesswork out of “what could possibly go wrong?”

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