Case Study

#114 | Maintenance Bypass Mis-Operation

ProductAPC Silcon 60kVA Maintenance Bypass
SynopsisCustomer called in with a report of the UPS being in Bypass. Additionally reported that some circuits had gone out and it tripped the UPS unit to Bypass mode with an Internal Hardware Fault.
Preliminary ActionsUpon arrival, found UPS in Bypass Mode with Internal Error Alarm. Also found all three Maintenance Bypass Breakers, Q1, Q2 and Q3 all closed at the same time.
ResolutionOpened Q3 and UPS came on-line in Normal Operation. Reviewed alarm history and overall condition of UPS prior to departing site. UPS on-line with no alarms.
Root CauseCustomer had an HVAC failure on site, and in response to the failure, plugged in several spot coolers which created an overload condition on the UPS system. In reaction to the overload, someone accidentally mis-operated the Maintenance Bypass Panel in an effort to restore proper operation to the UPS. The UPS went into ‘protective’ mode. Recommend customer give consideration to UPS 101 Critical Power customer training in order to better understand system functionality and operation.
Case Study 114 | Maintenance-Bypass-Mis-Operation

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Why Wait

Why Wait

The cost to maintain their critical power equipment namely the UPS, becomes a cost saving strategy that frankly, is looking at ‘how to not spend money’ as opposed to ‘how to not lose money due to an outage’…and considering the risks involved, this is a dangerous, and potentially costly practice.

UPS System & Battery Replacement and Recycling

UPS System & Battery Replacement and Recycling

Depending on the age, size, brand and condition, used UPS systems can be refurbished and/or recycled. By government and industry regulations, spent and expired batteries are disposed and recycled Per EPA regulations.

How important is it to have regular UPS Maintenance performed?

How important is it to have regular UPS Maintenance performed?

News Article UPS Systems are complex pieces of highly technical electronic equipment and need regular preventive maintenance (PM). The maintenance intervals can vary from one to four PM inspections per year or in some cases, even monthly. The top main causes for UPS...

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