Case Study

#115 | AP600 Fire Panel EPO

Product Liebert AP600 Series UPS
Application Healthcare
Synopsis Customer called in with a report of the UPS being down and tripped off-line. Maintenance Bypass operation had taken place prior to arrival. Possible damage to equipment.
Preliminary Actions Upon arrival, found UPS in Maintenance Bypass Mode. Restart attempts were unsuccessful.
Resolution Replacement components had to be ordered to address possibly damaged components.
Root Cause Customer had the local Fire Department on site performing testing. The Fire Panel is tied to the UPS via shunt trip, and upon testing, the UPS was deactivated. Considering the Maintenance Bypass Panel was in use upon arrival, suspect this was operated in order to try and restore power back to the load, and possible internal UPS damage has occurred.
Recommend customer give consideration to UPS 101 Critical Power customer training in order to better understand system functionality and operation, and also become familiarized with site-specific system functionality as it relates to facility operations.

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