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#120 | Environmental & Equipment Cooling

ProductChloride EPEM Critical Power UPS
ApplicationEmergency Lighting
SynopsisThe client had a power outage, and the load was protected and switched to the generator. However, after the power was restored, the UPS would not come back online from bypass.
Preliminary ActionsVisually inspected caps and tested warm batteries. Verified batteries to not to be issue. Adjusted equipment ‘levelers’, moved unit away from wall and removed back panel. Found 3 of the 5 cooling fans not spinning with warm internals. No open fan fuses found.
ResolutionRecommending to clients the continuous importance of proper housekeeping and electrical room cleanliness in accordance with codes and regulations, and pro-active replacement of aging cooling fans.
Root CauseInsufficient cooling due to dirty / dusty environment and aging cooling fans within the equipment that needed pro-active replacement prior to the time of failure.

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Why Wait

Why Wait

The cost to maintain their critical power equipment namely the UPS, becomes a cost saving strategy that frankly, is looking at ‘how to not spend money’ as opposed to ‘how to not lose money due to an outage’…and considering the risks involved, this is a dangerous, and potentially costly practice.

UPS System & Battery Replacement and Recycling

UPS System & Battery Replacement and Recycling

Depending on the age, size, brand and condition, used UPS systems can be refurbished and/or recycled. By government and industry regulations, spent and expired batteries are disposed and recycled Per EPA regulations.

How important is it to have regular UPS Maintenance performed?

How important is it to have regular UPS Maintenance performed?

News Article UPS Systems are complex pieces of highly technical electronic equipment and need regular preventive maintenance (PM). The maintenance intervals can vary from one to four PM inspections per year or in some cases, even monthly. The top main causes for UPS...

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