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2020 – A Year in Review

Jan 15, 2021 | Nationwide Power

As the year 2020 has come to a close, we’re all looking forward to a better and brighter year ahead in 2021.

For a lot of companies throughout the country, business came to a pause in late March of last year. Nationwide Power™ was no exception. However, it was during this uncertain time that we decided to shift our focus towards internal improvement.

According to Vice President Jim Hallingstad, “2020 started out strong and was tracking to be a year of significant growth. In January we embarked on a companywide quality and process improvement program, so as we got into March and everything pretty much came to a halt, we were able to focus a lot of our efforts on quality and process improvements. This downtime allowed our entire team to focus on just that. As the economy began re-opening and businesses started to resume some operations, we were in an even better position than before to provide the highest level of service to our customers.”

During trying times, we try to remember the saying, “true character shows in the face of adversity.” While Nationwide Power continued to grow to have one of the largest footprints across the country, it has strived to maintain its family-like culture. During the pandemic, Nationwide Power’s commitment to its team members and customers was loud and clear. As a result, there were no furloughs, layoffs, or salary reductions and hiring commitments made in early March were honored despite an initial downturn in business volume. Hiring also continued throughout the pandemic, and still continues today.

As an essential business, Nationwide Power continued to operate and provide emergency service throughout the United States for all existing customers during the onset of COVID-19. Certain safety measures were put in place to protect both its team members and customers.

Due to the dedication and teamwork of every single employee and a loyal customer base, Nationwide Power was able to show yet another year of positive growth, despite all of the hurdles.

Even through all the uncertainty, Nationwide Power has continued to hire corporate team members along with additional Critical Power Professionals™ to service customers in the field.

“The fact that we can continue to have positive outcomes under the most challenging circumstances is a true testament to the commitment of our entire team.” -Jim Hallingstad, VP

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