Case Study

Case Study #119 | General Housekeeping

Sep 12, 2017 | Case Study

Product Critical Power / Electrical Equipment
Application Critical Power / Electrical / Switchgear Room
Synopsis Housekeeping
Resolution Recommending to clients the continuous importance of proper housekeeping and electrical room cleanliness in accordance with codes and regulations.
Root Cause There are many instances encountered by field service personnel where the critical power and/or electrical room is also used for ‘storage’ or overflow of miscellaneous company items such as: Janitorial supplies, Copy Room Supplies (paper reams), Record Retention (Financial / Personal data), etc.
These rooms should not be used for storage / overflow because they fall under the guidance of both safety and electrical codes and regulations, such as the NFPA’s code for ‘Clear Spaces’ which states;

Working space required by other codes and standards shall not be used for storage. This space shall be kept clear to permit safe operation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Companies should heed the recommendations of their electrical and field service providers when it is recommended to remove storage / overflow items form these rooms, to support a safer work environment, and one that meets the proper safety and electrical codes and standards.

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