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Discontinued UPS Battery Models – Does it Impact You?

May 9, 2019 | Industry

It was recently announced that certain EnerSys and Exide GNB UPS battery models have been discontinued and product availability is quickly depleting or no longer exists. The following UPS batteries are included in this list:

Discontinued Makes/Models


Genesis NP batteries
DataSafe NPX batteries
  • Excludes: NP5-12TFR, NP7-12TFR, NP12-12FR, NP18-12BFR
  • Excludes: NPX-35FR


S12V170F S6V740NGF M12V90
S12V285F M12V40 M12V90F
S12V300F M12V40F M6V190
S12V370NGF M12V70 M6V190F
S12V550NGF M12V70F M612V90FT
M12V105FT PV125000  
  • M12V155FT/FTX and M12V180FT/FTX are not being produced at this time due to capacity constraints.

Why is this so important? 

Different battery makes and models have different chemical and physical properties.  Due to these differences it is highly recommended that you do not co-mingle unlike batteries within the same string, or have different battery makes/models within multiple battery cabinets.  The result in doing so can be catastrophic, early failure, and possible fire. 

Next steps if you are currently running on obsolete UPS batteries: 

If you presently have one or more of the discontinued EnerSys or Exide-GNB UPS battery models in use, and just one single battery is found to be bad, Nationwide Power highly recommends full battery replacement with like models.  This will help in preventing serious problems and/or safety issues down the road. This recommendation could lead to a large economic impact so please be aware and plan accordingly. 

Which UPS battery brands are the most reliable? 

At Nationwide Power, we have been selling and servicing all major brands of UPS batteries for two decades.  With all this experience, we are considered product experts and strive to provide products that reduce the long-term costs for both our customers and Nationwide Power.  Poor quality of batteries leads to risks of downtime and higher service costs from return service calls.  For these reasons, we have found the CSB product line to be the most reliable and affordable over the life of a VRLA battery.    

We have also created a UPS Battery Cross Reference Matrix where you can search like-models at your convenience.

When your UPS batteries are due for maintenance or replacement, we’re here to help.

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