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Rising Lead Prices in 2017

Dec 12, 2016 | Industry

Batteries are the most critical component to an UPS system. A weak or bad battery makes an UPS interruptible.  All it takes is one weak or aging battery to expose your critical equipment to a power problem. The cost of keeping your batteries fresh and providing regular maintenance inspections on them is minimal, when compared to the cost of downtime that a single battery can cause.

We are hearing from our suppliers that the price of lead is expected to increase anywhere between 5% – 15% in 2017. Prices will start increasing as current inventory is depleted, so don’t delay.

Nationwide Power is available to support customers by getting a head start for anyone looking to replace their UPS batteries before the prices increase in 2017.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-868-2780 or click here to request a Quick Quote for Battery Replacement.


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Why Wait

Why Wait

The cost to maintain their critical power equipment namely the UPS, becomes a cost saving strategy that frankly, is looking at ‘how to not spend money’ as opposed to ‘how to not lose money due to an outage’…and considering the risks involved, this is a dangerous, and potentially costly practice.

UPS System & Battery Replacement and Recycling

UPS System & Battery Replacement and Recycling

Depending on the age, size, brand and condition, used UPS systems can be refurbished and/or recycled. By government and industry regulations, spent and expired batteries are disposed and recycled Per EPA regulations.

How important is it to have regular UPS Maintenance performed?

How important is it to have regular UPS Maintenance performed?

News Article UPS Systems are complex pieces of highly technical electronic equipment and need regular preventive maintenance (PM). The maintenance intervals can vary from one to four PM inspections per year or in some cases, even monthly. The top main causes for UPS...

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