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Case Study #118 | Symmetra PX Good and Bad Batteries

Aug 8, 2017 | Battery, Case Study

Product APC Symmetra PX
Application Datacenter
Synopsis Client found the alarms / condition of unit as: UPS in bypass.
Preliminary Actions Upon arrival, found UPS in Bypass Mode.
Resolution Recommending replacement of all batteries in order to provide proper ride-through on battery during transfer from Utility to Generator power.
Root Cause The mixing and matching of old batteries with new batteries, leaving weak batteries within the system, degrading both the system’s ability for proper transfer from one source to another, and the performance of the newer batteries.
Varying resistance values between ‘good’ batteries and ‘bad’ batteries are detrimental to the overall performance of the UPS’ battery strings(s). Due to this inherent charging and discharging change in characteristics, as batteries near their end of life (typically 4-5 years for an average VRLA battery), it is always preferred to replace batteries by entire strings at a time as opposed to as they fail one at a time.
More so, if only replacing batteries as they fail, more often than not this will not be made apparent until the batteries are called upon…resulting in possible loss of load during needed transfers and/or outage support.

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