ePDU Managed

New ePDU G3 Managed models offer advanced power management and precision control including ability to measure power consumption at the outlet level, turn off unused outlets, remotely manage equipment and obtain level 3 PUE (power usage effectiveness).

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ePDU G3 Managed models include outlet switching and metered outlets. Switching allows you to power cycle (reboot) locked servers or turn
off unused outlets. Outlet level monitoring of voltage, current, power and energy (KWH) provides necessary measurements to calculate
Level 3 PUE and to run capacity /usage analytics.

• Monitor power consumption in kilowatt hours at the individual outlet level requirement
• Readings available via Ethernet connection over a network (utilizing Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager)
• Power consumption readings allow for Power Usage Effectiveness calculations

Technical Specs



ePDU Managed

Max kW

1.92, 12.48, 14.4, 17.3, 2.88, 5.76, 8.64

Input Connection

5-15P, 5-20P, CS8365, IEC60309 460P9, L15-20P, L15-30P, L21-20P, L5-30P, L6-20P, L6-30P

Part Numbers

EMA106-10, EMA107-10, EMA108-10, EMA111-10, EMA112-10, EMA113-10, EMA114-10, EMA115-10, EMA133-10, EMA324-10, EMA325-10, EMA326-10, EMA327-10, EMA328-10, EMA329-06, EMA330-06, EMA330-10, EMA333-10, EMA334-10, EMA339-10, EMA340-10, EMA341-10, EMA342-10, EMA343-10, EMA360-10, EMA362-10, EMAT08-10, EMAT09-10, EMAT10-10, EMAU05-10, EMAU06-10, EMAU07-10

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