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Eaton 9PXM Sales Award

Oct 18, 2018 | Nationwide Power

Dani Toothman receives the Eaton 9PXM Sales Award for September 2018

This past September, Eaton Corp. released its 9PXM product line to replace the 9170 series. Along with the 9PXM product launch, Eaton Corp. ran a national sales competition among its independent distributors and resellers for the most registered deals during the first month of the 9PXM product launch. Dani Toothman, Nationwide Power’s Equipment Specialist, was the recipient of this award.

Dani was excited to receive the 9PXM Sales Award. In describing the Eaton 9PXM product line, she notes, “I’m a big fan of the Eaton’s newest series. The Eaton 9PXM is a modular unit and is one of the most adaptable and reliable pieces of equipment on the market right now.” With over 15 years in the critical power industry, Dani has helped thousands of companies find the best UPS solution to fit their individual needs.

According to Nationwide Power’s VP, Jim Hallingstad, “As a company, at our core, quality and service come first. To accomplish this, we must stay committed to being on the forefront of technological advancements and new product launches. I am proud of Dani’s recent accomplishment, as it reflects her commitment to our clients and our company culture.”

Over the past two decades, Nationwide Power has become the leading independent provider in the critical power industry. As just one example, Nationwide Power has earned Eaton’s top designation as an Eaton Premium Power Specialist. As such, Nationwide Power receives volume discounts which are passed down to their customers.

For additional information on the Eaton 9PXM product line or other critical power equipment, contact

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