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Nov 20, 2019 | Industry

At Nationwide Power, we acquire thousands of new clients annually of all sizes, industries, and scopes of work. Without fail, when new customers come to us for the first time, it’s for a very short list of reasons:

  1. Their unit(s) have been out of warranty and unmaintained for quite some time, and now the unit is in alarm and/or there is an emergency situation.
  2. Their batteries are due for replacement, and our scale provides for some of the best pricing in the industry.
  3. In an effort to achieve better pricing, they want to try an alternative to OEMs without compromising service.
  4. They had service through a different independent provider – sometimes at a lower cost – only to realize that their previous service provider was unable to fulfill on the promises made.

Every now and then, the stories that come along with acquiring new customers are priceless – like the following example. To protect our customer’s identity, we’ll refer to them as Company Y.

Company Y is a large-scale packaging company who researched Nationwide Power on the internet and through our website before qualifying us for a bid.

Unsurprisingly, Company Y falls into the first three of the above categories. Previously, they worked exclusively with the OEM. However, due to the high OEM pricing, Company Y eventually opted to avoid (otherwise referred to as “defer”) preventive maintenance on their UPS equipment. When their unit went into an alarm and battery replacement was overdue, they gave Nationwide Power a call. That is when things got interesting.

When the Nationwide Power Field Engineer arrived, the site contact for Company Y said, “The UPS is over by that huge machine,” and pointed. The Field Engineer was baffled, as he could not find the UPS. After looking for several minutes he figured it out – the UPS was INSIDE another enclosure. This enclosure was a huge German-built plastic sheet printer used for packaging materials. Inside of this machine was another surprise – a Master Guard UPS, with a display that was programmed entirely in German.

The UPS system was in alarm due to battery failure. The Field Engineer, who is not familiar with the German language, was able to identify the type of display panel. After a bit of research, the Field Engineer was able to change the language to English, switch the unit into bypass, and replace the batteries.

At Nationwide Power, our Field Engineers run into interesting situations daily. It is thanks to the average 22+ years of experience, that our team can troubleshoot the most random of situations, like reprogramming a German-speaking UPS unit.

As there is a short list of why customers seek Nationwide Power out in the first place, there is also a short list for why they stick with us for years after. It boils down to the unmatched experience and expertise of our Field Engineer team, coupled with a corporate infrastructure that no other independent service provider can provide.

Here are just a few things that separate Nationwide Power from all the other service providers:

  • Industry leading warehouse and parts inventory that allows us to service all makes and models of UPS equipment, even those deemed obsolete by the OEM. Other service providers may recommend a full replacement, simply because they do not have the tools to perform maintenance or provide warranty services.
  • Our National Footprint allows us to provide 4-hour or less emergency response for contracted customers.
  • 22+ years of average industry experience that just cannot be matched in the industry.
  • 80-90% utilization rate of our Field Engineer team. What does this mean? They’re not overworked, they’re rested, and they’re ready to serve you!

For the full list of reasons why you should choose Nationwide Power, visit us at

And if you’re nervous to contact us because you might be embarrassed of what we might find, trust us when we say – we’ve seen it all!


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