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Case Study #146 | When to Upgrade or Repair a UPS System – Eaton 9315 UPS System

Oct 16, 2020 | Case Study

Part of the job of our Critical Power Professionals™ (CPP™) is to educate our customers on their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment over the lifespan of their system.

In this Nationwide Power ™ case study, we feature a scenario where our CPPs serviced an Eaton 9315 UPS unit that was over 20 years old and provide a cost-benefit analysis to the customer on upgrading the UPS system.

Product Eaton 9315 UPS
Application Government Facility

Finding the right timing to upgrade a UPS system can often be a complex decision based on many factors: age of unit, customer budget, risk of critical failure and level of impact to the business, lack of replacement parts on the market, and the consistency of preventive maintenance performed over the life of the unit as a few examples.

Part of our responsibilities at Nationwide Power is to provide our customers with the best possible direction and guidance, based on all known factors.

Preliminary Actions

Nationwide Power has been servicing this customer’s unit intermittently over the past several years. In 2017, our CPP made the first recommendation for a full unit replacement. While Nationwide Power has the capacity to continue servicing the unit even passed its OEM-stated end-of-life, that was not in the customer’s best interests in this scenario.

Factors for the customer to consider include:

  • Age of equipment
  • Inconsistent routine maintenance over the life of the unit
  • Risk of critical failure and impact to the business
  • Cost benefit analysis, with more efficient equipment on the market today that would not require costly repairs over the remainder of the equipment’s life

The customer had not been in a position to upgrade the unit and has elected to have Nationwide Power continue servicing it.

With over 57,000 square feet of warehouse space and over $10 million in parts and equipment inventory, Nationwide Power is one of the very few service providers able to continue maintaining this customer’s equipment.

So far, the customer has been able to stretch the end-of-life on the unit for an additional 3 years, however, not without intermittent failures and downtime.

Root Cause Eventually, the customer will have no other option but to upgrade the unit due to age. In doing so, they should expect to find a quick break-even point simply due to more efficient models on the market with lower energy usage, coupled with lower overall maintenance cost.
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